Bidinis Bags are Made in Italy from fine calf and bovine leather. The skins have a smooth surface and have been treated giving it a soft hand feel.

Each leather skin is unique so colour difference or vein marks may appear and are natural features. This adds a special charm to this leather item.


  • To remove dirt and grime from your leather bag, wipe it with a damp cloth using warm water. Do not use soap unless is very dirty and dusty as the chemicals contained in common soap products may ruin the leather over time.
  • To clean the interior of the bag (lined or not-lined), remove all your belongings and shake it upside down firmly until all loose debris has been released. 

Ensure that you delicately clean the exterior of your leather bag regularly; ideally, once every two weeks depending on use. Apply leather protector and conditioning products every 6-12 months. 


Try to avoid to over-filling your leather bag as this can distort its form over time. 

Waterproof your leather bag once a year if the season/lifestyle calls for it—some conditioners also offer waterproof protection. However, this may not be necessary as most of our leather bags are treated with waterproof protection prior to sale.

If your leather bag comes into contact with rain or water, dry it as soon as possible with a soft dry cloth and let it dry naturally without using any heater or hairdryer because they will cause the skin to crinkle (always remember that leather is a natural element).

In case of accidental scratches, reduce by massaging the leather gently.

Avoid contact with oily or alcohol-based substances, with coffee, blood or ink which may cause irreversible damage to your bag. Also avoid rubbing your handbag (particularly white and light colours) against denim or dark garments - leather is a natural element and like our skin absorbs everything that comes into contact with so denim and dark colours may be transferred to the leather due to its nature.

Use a natural/neutral leather conditioner, not coloured cream or polishes. 
It is fine to use a leather conditioner that contains lanolin, a natural waxy secretion from sheep. Lanolin is commonly present in human products, such as moisturizers and cosmetics; as such, it is ideal for use on leather goods.

You can find these leather products at any shoe repairs, cleaners specialised in leather, shops that sell leather products, even some well-equipped supermarkets.

Do not use any of the abovementioned products on suede. Instead, use a small wire or suede brush to wipe away dirt and dust delicately. Try to avoid using your suede bag on a rainy day because it can absorb liquid very easily due to its porous texture.

When not in use, store your leather bag in a cool dry place away from the sunlight and humidity. All natural leathers and metallic hardware are sensitive to humidity and direct sunlight. Storage your purse into your wardrobe in a dust bag or travel bag. Alternatively, you can cover the bag with any type of breathable fabric –pillowcases will work perfectly. 

Also remember that rotation is key. Everyday use of your bag will wear it out, so switch things up every month.


Characteristics such as creases, imperfections, scars, variations of colours and texture or other irregularities are not to be considered flaws nor faults; they are fundamental aspects of the natural state of leather.

Shall you have questions or in need of further information, email us at and we will try to answer to them all.