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Founded in 2012 in Sydney, Australia, Bidinis Bags, made entirely in Florence, Italy, has become the epitome of Italian craftsmanship and modern flair. From artisan-crafted leather bags to stylishly woven raffia bags, our collection is both expansive and exquisite. Created by Caterina Bidini, born and raised in Firenze, the brand is a treasure trove of fine leatherwork, intricate raffia designs, and practical ingenuity.

What truly sets us apart is our deep commitment to our customers. Caterina herself has forged many enduring friendships through heartfelt conversations with clients, further enriching the Bidinis Bags experience. Every item is meticulously handcrafted in Florence, Italy, using the finest, ethically-sourced Italian leathers and raffias. It's not just about fashion; it's about building a community of style-savvy individuals who appreciate lifelong quality.

About Caterina Bidini

Caterina Bidini

--Photo: Caterina Bidini with her raffia stripes bag--

Originally from Florence, Caterina Bidini brought her legal background into a different court—the world of Italian fashion. Before even completing her studies, she was deeply immersed in the fashion industry, where she nurtured a genuine love for craftsmanship, particularly the unlimited possibilities offered by both leather and raffia. While she's experienced in various aspects of the fashion world, it's her dedication to quality and detail that truly distinguishes her.

Our roots remain deep in Florence, Italy, where the essence of authentic Italian craftsmanship infuses each product. In 2023, aligning with the brand’s evolution, our headquarter returned to Europe, reinforcing our commitment to quality and heritage.

Currently, our handcrafted bags can be discovered in select boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Rome, and Montecatini. And the journey doesn't stop there. We're thrilled to announce that we are extending our reach to new shores, with exciting plans to expand into the USA and Canada.