Founded in 2012, Bidinis is a Sydney based brand specialises in the design of premium leather handbags at a more accessible price point. 

The brand is the brainchild of Caterina Bidini and synonymous with artisan quality, special effects on leather and a unique practical design.

A commitment to beautifully soft, ethically and italian-sourced leathers are crucial to the Bidinis success story - each item in the collection is in fact made in Florence, Italy.

Bidinis is not concerned with promoting quick trends, instead we are focused on building a long-term relationship and evolving with our wearers over time.

About Caterina Bidini

After completing a degree in international law, Florentine-born Caterina Bidini, Bidinis’ co-founder and Creative Director, left the legal world for that of fashion, soon finding herself fully immersed in the Italian fashion industry — an industry she enjoyed before finishing her studies, working for luxury Italian brands as a trendsetter and product researcher.

She soon developed a penchant for leather and all its possibilities, having in mind to create, one day, her own bespoke line of sophisticated yet practical leather bags and accessories.

Keen to learn, experiment, and push the boundaries of leather, she soon found herself elbows deep in barrels in France, testing leather-tanning techniques — as well as some fine bubbles and cheeses along the way…she maintains a love for both!

Armed with the knowledge to execute her creative concepts, and carrying ‘bags’ of courage and commitment, she chose Australia as the place to explore her design ambition, the objective being to start with a fresh mindset, far from all her past influences. She landed in Sydney.