Every Bidinis Bag is a piece of Italy—a country with a deep history of comfort and elegance. Whether you're at home, walking down the street, at a beach party, or enjoying a night out, our handbags are designed to make you feel both stylish and comfortable.

Our brand goes beyond the famous "Made in Italy" label. It captures the spirit of Italy's rich history, from ancient art to world-changing thinkers. Imagine the beauty of ancient frescoes and the impact of the Silk Road, bringing luxury goods right into the heart of Italy.

---Photo: Leather Briefcase cocco embossed in burnt orange colour--- 

While our inspiration comes from cities like Florence, Rome, and Naples—each a treasure of history and culture—we're especially rooted in Florence. This city is a gem of the Italian Renaissance and the birthplace of our handbags.

I'm Caterina Bidini, the founder and designer of Bidinis Bags, born and raised in Florence where I work closely with small, local tanneries and skilled craftsmen who help bring my vision to life. Together, we combine classic Italian elegance with fresh, modern trends.

---Photo: Piccarda Raffia bag with bamboo handles---

Italy has always been a hub of innovation and creativity, even through tough times. Behind every big name in Italian fashion, there's a whole team of unsung heroes—talented designers and craftsmen who work tirelessly to redefine global fashion, season after season.

When you buy a Bidinis Bag, you are getting more than just a leather or raffia handbag, you are owning a slice of Italy, crafted with the unmatched skill and style of Florentine artisans.

Our handpicked, 'best seller' collection is designed to inspire you. So go ahead, add a touch of Italian elegance to your life!